5 Techniques to Paint Walls Effectively

5 Techniques to Paint Walls Effectively

Painting walls require not just the correct mix of color but also those precise techniques that help in giving the walls that perfect smooth finish. Here is a list of techniques which if followed would give your walls the smooth lustrous look.

Move the roller up and down the full height of the wall

This technique is useful for preventing marks on the wall because the painter runs the roller, to paint an area, in one go. This is contrary to stopping the roller in the very midst of painting of a portion of a wall, which leads to the formation of dry patches on the wall. It is equally important to maintain a wet edge on a roller so that each stroke of paint runs over smoothly on the wall without getting a second to dry only to leave behind those ugly patches.

Use a primer to hide those cracks or holes on the wall

Once the painting is done, you must have noticed those marks or spots on the walls as soon as there is a bright light in the room. This is in spite of the wall having that perfect smooth finish. Apparently, the reason is the compound that is being used to fill such cracks or holes. What this compound does is it easily absorbs the paint thereby making the wall look patchy every time light falls on it. Primer is a quick and easy way to solve this problem and a coat of primer when applied, to such cracks or rough surfaces helps in easing out the differences of texture on the very same wall.

Cleanse the wall to remove blotches or dirty patches

This is indeed the first step of painting any wall and without this step, any wall would lack sheen and lustre. It is important to clean the wall, areas around switches, lights or doorknobs, etc. for that perfect polished finish. Cleanse the area to be painted with sugar soap, heavy duty cleaner, deglosser etc. before proceeding with the painting of the wall.

Use a large bucket for making paint

The bucket or the container that is used for mixing colours should be large enough so that one does not have the need to prepare the same mix of colours again. Preparing another batch of colour would mean a shade that is somewhat different from the shade that was previously used. It is always suggested to prepare this colour in larger proportions in case you are not sure how much this paint is going to be used for colouring. The extra colour can always be stored in separate cans for future use.

Follow this order for painting

Most of the tasks require a certain order that needs to be followed in order to finish a task to perfection. A similar kind of order applies to wall painting. Professional and experienced painters always follow this order to paint a house- first, the trim; second, the ceilings; thirds, the walls.

The local painters and decorators at Bristol Painting services are well-equipped with not just the necessary tools required for painting but also the right kind of techniques that are needed to complete the job correctly. Bristol Painters through their years of hard work and training are efficient sources for making your house a comfortable home where you would always want to come back after those long hard days of work.

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