Tiles For Your Home

How To Choose Tiles For Your Home

We generally use tiles for flooring in our kitchens, bathroom, rooftops, and also as tabletops for the dining room. There are many options available in terms of tile textures, colors, design, material, and so on.

But which one would suit best in our space? To assist you in such a confusing situation, painter and decorator Bristol brings you some tips on how you can choose tiles for your area.

Here are the tips for selecting the best tiles for you:

Decide the type

An essential step to choose tiles for your space is to decide what do you need? You must be aware of the various options available in the market. For flooring purposes, you can choose Vitrified tiles as they are more durable and able to withstand foot traffic. Ceramic or porcelain tiles with the non-porous feature look good on walls.  Whereas, anti-skid or matte finish works well with the outdoors. Once you have decided te type, you need, you’ve made half of the work easier.

Need to look for size

Tiles are available in a wide range of sizes. The ideal dimensions for a floor tile include 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 610x610mm and 800x800mm. Similarly, if you will search the size for wall tiles, they have dimensions of 250x350mm, 300x450mm, and 300600mm. Professional decorators Bristol says one should match the tiles to his room size. If you are choosing large size tiles for the floor of your small room, they will make it look even smaller. For such rooms, a medium-size like 250x350mm will work well. Or you can also choose a size that saves you a lot of cutting and wastage.

Ensure slip resistance

Several tiles tend to be slippery, especially when in contact with water. It can be very dangerous for small children or elders in your home. Therefore, you must install slip-resistant tiles. The bathroom is the prime place where such mishappenings can happen. Better use to install ceramic or porcelain tile after inquiring about the slipping resistance. Slate tile or pebble stones with beautiful stone texture can also be used here.

Choose the right color

A small room with no or dim natural light can be made look more beautiful with light color tiles. White, sand, cream colors make a good match with marble or ceramic tiles.

Choosing large tiles for walls can also help in enhancing the illusion of extended space. You can do some exciting experiments by using dark colors for outdoor.

Choose the right finish.

Not only deciding the right type or color will be enough. You need to select the correct finish, as well. Glossy finish works well with the walls, whereas stone finishes give a lively look to exteriors. Wood finishes are recommended for bedrooms for their warm feel. Metallic and mosaics make the bathroom, and kitchen walls look beautiful with plain tiles.

Natural finishes always work well with living rooms.

So this is how the right tiles make your space look more beautiful and lively.  A proper combination of colors and textures makes it more attractive. Hence choose your favorite blend with care.

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