Let us Bring the 7 Colours of the Rainbow into Your Home

Let us Bring the 7 Colours of the Rainbow into Your Home

VIBGYOR, these are the seven colors of the rainbow. Colors bring life into your home and make it a vibrant haven just as if you are living in the clouds. Well, this feeling is possible when you use professional painters who can transform your house and make it into a home. For this service, we think that Painters and Decorator Bristol are your best choice.

A good painter is the one who can make all this possible and with a Local Painter and Decorator in Bristol, we have the most skilled and talented painters who can paint your house exactly as you would like it. Painters and Decorators Bristol use the best quality paints and their painters are experienced in all types of painting. If you want a retro style, or a traditional look or even a modern contemporary look don’t worry, just tell them what you want and wait for the magic to happen. The wands of our painters will turn your dream house into a reality.


In Bristol, we are revered as one of the best Local Painter and Decorator firms because along with providing the best painting jobs to your house our painters are also proficient in skirting and coving fittings, carpentry works, and other joinery repairs. This extensive portfolio makes us the most sought-after painting company in Bristol.

We Understand

We understand the needs of every customer, be it residential or commercial. Our Local Painter and Decorator will guide you thoroughly with the methods and techniques of painting and also the products used by us, which are of the best quality. We are also very proud of our reputation for leaving your home clean and tidy, something we always make sure to do.

There is a rising trend for decorating walls with wallpaper now instead of painting, we also have this covered (excuse the pun) as we have a separate skilled team for wallpapering in Bristol who can also suggest the most exquisite wallpaper designs for your office or homes. Wallpapers not only make your walls look vibrant but they can also hide any imperfections in the wall. We will give you advice and guidance on the type of wallpaper recommended according to the wall condition.

Don’t worry our consultation service and quotations are completely free of cost, moreover, we think that you will find our quotations very affordable and very competitive.

Our tagline goes like this “No Job Too Big or Small” That’s a Promise. This summarizes the values of Painters and Decorators Bristol, and that’s what our existing customers like about us the most.

Feel free to get a FREE quote anytime by calling on 0117 904 6716.

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