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Hottest Interior Trends 2019

Hottest Interior design Trends 2019

Home is where you live and spend a lot of time and to make it look more beautiful, one can always go for the best interior designing options as well as decoration styles. If you are also planning to start decorating your home, then here you are! Get more professional ideas related to interior designing from Painters and Decorators providing these services in the Bristol area. We have come up with the top 5 fantastically elegant interior design trends for you that you can incorporate while planning to decorate your house. The hottest interior design trends for 2019 which you can consider are listed below:

Create a bond with nature

In 2019, surely, there is high involvement with nature as more emphasis is put onto the relationship between human mankind and the serene nature, its a connection that both of these share. So, you can supplement your room with organic materials such as wooden floors, using stone, artificial plants and different patterns of leaf plants in pots made of wood. You can inspire yourself by nature using similar wallpapers and soothing colours.

Put wall hangings

Another famous trend for 2019 is moving ahead of gallery walls and using wall hangings. Leave the textured wall hangings of the retro period; rather go ahead with geometric colour blocks. However, if you are not fond of textured fabrics, then you can also utilize rugs as an option for wall art. Know more about these recent styles by hiring Painters and Decorators Bristol.

Go black this time

Black is the most classy colour and undoubtedly, most of us are fond of it. if you feel comfortable with a black colour, then you can think of colouring the whole wall in black.
Black would be ideal in the rooms where an ample amount of light is already there. Furthermore, in contrast to white walls, it looks amazing on interior doors.
To give your home more grace and to give it a more dramatic look, you can add slight colours of black in opposite to dull colours.

Novel furniture

In 2019, renovate your home with curved furniture as it is all about putting tables, sofas, chairs with some unique curves. You can make it more elegant by using funky colours.

Choose trendy colours

There are different trendy colours for this year such as coined Nightwatch green. As a substitute for matte black, you can also go for bottle green. It suits best with high-quality shine finishes. choose the best wallpapers by hiring express painters and decorators Bristol. In case you have a full room consisting of a lot of stuff, then gives it an impactful look by incorporating colours in a tactful manner, for instance, go for a vibrant texture finishes or if the floor is wooden, then a deep green rug would make a superb match.

These are the top 5 interior design trends 2019 that you can consider if you are planning on renovating your house soon.

Types of Woodwork

Types of Woodwork

Woodwork, in simple words, is the art of making different kinds of products constructed from wood. Many objects in building structures ranging from simple attachments like doors, windows, etc. to more sophisticated objects such as furniture, wooden carvings, etc. fall under the category of the woodwork. The finished products can thus range from simple daily use items to more antique or decorative items.

Usually different kinds of wood are used to create such pieces. For example, Pine, Mahogany, Oak, Cedar, Maple, Ash, etc. Given the presence of woodwork everywhere in our surroundings, it would be an interesting exercise to explore the various types and varieties of woodwork.

Let us look at the different ways of putting woodwork to use:


A cabinet is one of the most widely used wooden products across different cultures in different parts of the world. People have relied on this storage system for years. A cabinet is constructed in various shapes and forms such as a chest of drawers, night table, a wardrobe or even a sideboard.


Joinery includes all wooden items of a household, including doors, windows, cabinets, stairs, etc., combined. It is important to note that joinery is different from carpentry. In joinery, joints of a product are joined together to create a complete product thereby also making the process more expensive. Products built under the joinery process take longer to build and are created in their specified workshops and it is from there that they are sent for installation at the mentioned address. This is unlike carpentry wherein a carpenter constructs the required furniture at the designated location or where it is required.


Woodcarving, as the name suggests, is creating finely shaped pieces out of wood. Wood is carved to create decorative items including idols, figures, showpieces, etc. for decoration and other such purposes. A knife, chisel, a short bent tool and other tools are used for wood carving processes.

Wood turning

Wood turning is a technique used for creating objects on a lathe. You must be wondering what a lathe is. A lathe is a tool that helps rotate a piece of wood on an axis while an artist carves the piece into its desired shape (bowls, goblets, etc. are some of its examples). Chisels, bowl turning tools, spindle turning tools, etc. are used for this technique.


Carpentry is a crucial aspect of the construction process. Power and hand tools are used by carpenters across the world to construct the required products.

Bristol Decorating Services provides innovative and genuine Painter and Decorator Services in Bristol. A building structure, official or residential, is absolutely incomplete without Woodwork and the sturdier the quality, the more durable it is. Our express painters and decorators are thoroughly trained at providing you with solid durable products that are also qualitatively the first rate in look and appearance.

5 Techniques to Paint Walls Effectively

5 Techniques to Paint Walls Effectively

Painting walls require not just the correct mix of color but also those precise techniques that help in giving the walls that perfect smooth finish. Here is a list of techniques which if followed would give your walls the smooth lustrous look.

Move the roller up and down the full height of the wall

This technique is useful for preventing marks on the wall because the painter runs the roller, to paint an area, in one go. This is contrary to stopping the roller in the very midst of painting of a portion of a wall, which leads to the formation of dry patches on the wall. It is equally important to maintain a wet edge on a roller so that each stroke of paint runs over smoothly on the wall without getting a second to dry only to leave behind those ugly patches.

Use a primer to hide those cracks or holes on the wall

Once the painting is done, you must have noticed those marks or spots on the walls as soon as there is a bright light in the room. This is in spite of the wall having that perfect smooth finish. Apparently, the reason is the compound that is being used to fill such cracks or holes. What this compound does is it easily absorbs the paint thereby making the wall look patchy every time light falls on it. Primer is a quick and easy way to solve this problem and a coat of primer when applied, to such cracks or rough surfaces helps in easing out the differences of texture on the very same wall.

Cleanse the wall to remove blotches or dirty patches

This is indeed the first step of painting any wall and without this step, any wall would lack sheen and lustre. It is important to clean the wall, areas around switches, lights or doorknobs, etc. for that perfect polished finish. Cleanse the area to be painted with sugar soap, heavy duty cleaner, deglosser etc. before proceeding with the painting of the wall.

Use a large bucket for making paint

The bucket or the container that is used for mixing colours should be large enough so that one does not have the need to prepare the same mix of colours again. Preparing another batch of colour would mean a shade that is somewhat different from the shade that was previously used. It is always suggested to prepare this colour in larger proportions in case you are not sure how much this paint is going to be used for colouring. The extra colour can always be stored in separate cans for future use.

Follow this order for painting

Most of the tasks require a certain order that needs to be followed in order to finish a task to perfection. A similar kind of order applies to wall painting. Professional and experienced painters always follow this order to paint a house- first, the trim; second, the ceilings; thirds, the walls.

The local painters and decorators at Bristol Painting services are well-equipped with not just the necessary tools required for painting but also the right kind of techniques that are needed to complete the job correctly. Bristol Painters through their years of hard work and training are efficient sources for making your house a comfortable home where you would always want to come back after those long hard days of work.

Top 6 Skills Required to be a Carpenter of Repute

Top 6 Skills Required to be a Carpenter of Repute

Mechanical Skill
This skill allows a carpenter to be able to use effectively different kinds of tools and machines for wood work. Wood working is the most crucial aspect of a carpenter’s crafting process and skill. A carpenter has to be familiar with the basics of carpentry such as taking measurements, strengthening the wood, repairing its flaws, etc. Expert craftsmen are well-trained in giving different kinds of style to any piece of wood such as live edge or natural edge wherein the expert carpenter successfully gives a finished touch to a not so smooth piece of wood while at the same time retaining its natural finish. An expert carpenter is well skilled in various kinds of flooring techniques such as parquetry, etc.

The different kinds of techniques for doing wood work from ceilings to walls to floors, etc. require the right kind of not just the technique but also the skill to bring the task to perfection. For example, dry wall hanging. Dry wall hangings are flexible panels used to cover the walls and ceilings, be it any shape or size. Dry wall hanging is not a very difficult skill as it often sounds to be to most for it is only a matter of the correct technique that has to be used in accomplishing the skill. A skilled carpenter before going ahead with the task has to ensure that there are no leaky spaces within the walls or any kind of electrical repair, etc. pending. Some of the important tools required for dry wall hanging are dry wall hammer, utility knife, dry wall screw gun, surform tool, flat bar, trim hammer, dry wall saw, foot lift, etc. The correct measurement is appropriated by dividing the total surface area of the place with square feet per sheet.

Math Skill
An eye for detail and correct precision is required for creating the perfect piece. Carpenters use basic mathematical equations from algebra to calculus and geometry, even statistics, etc. to reach the right measurement. After all, a craftsman has to calculate various measurements such as volume, circumference, diameter, area, square feet, etc. of the object in question as well as the surroundings many a times. Interestingly, the most used formula for doing such calculations is the Pythagorean Theorem.

Detail Orientation
As the name suggests, detail orientation goes hand in hand with both mechanical and mathematical skills. Paying attention to the nitty-gritty’s of the object by utilising mathematical and mechanical skills serves as an essential aid for the carpenter who is making a conscious effort to be able to produce a neat and well crafted product. In fact it would not be wrong to say that mechanical skill, mathematical skill and detail orientation go hand in hand in the world of wood working.

Critical Thinking
Every creative skill in some way or the other is challenging giving its practitioner a new technique to explore every day. Carpentry skills are no different. As mentioned above, a skilled craftsman is skilled enough to give a gnarly piece of wood the right shape and structure. This requires critical thinking on the part of the carpenter to be able to make quick and correct decisions to complete the task.

Physical Strength
One needs physical strength to be able to carry out the tasks successfully. After all, carpentry involves use of heavy wood, tools and machines, etc.

Communication also is a necessary tool as there has to be the right kind of communication between what the customer wants and what, according to the carpenter, is practically possible to construct.

Painters and Decorators Bristol are expert service providers in the field of carpentry. The express services provided by Bristol decorating Services are to the mark, curated especially to suit the demands of each individual customer. The Painters and Decorators Bristol has the customer as its priority and it is according to the customer’s call that the carpentry, decoration, etc. services are customised to meet their imaginations and needs. The highly professional, experienced and well-trained team at Painters and Decorators Bristol leaves no stone unturned to see a happy and contented customer.


10 Perfect Reasons For Painting Your Home


House painting is one of the easiest options to refresh your home. This changes the entire look of the house. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 of the perfect reasons why painting is important for our house.

Enhances the visual appearance
It is highly recommended to paint your house every two years. This is because it helps in upgrading the visual appearance. It also helps in making your walls appear vibrant and eye catchy.

Boosts the resale value
Painting your home once every two years will instantly boost the entire valuation of the property. Always remember that a home which has been newly painted will attract a large number of buyers. We offer painting services in Bristol at very affordable rates.

Gives a makeover
It will also go with ongoing styles and trends. The painting will help to rejuvenate your home. It not only changes the look but also keeps you updated with current color trends.

Hiding the flaws
Due to the heavy rainfall or scorching sunlight, the exterior part gets affected due to which it creates dampness, cracks, and peeling. So to avoid such things, the painting will repair and refresh.

Get rid of moisture
Attracting an excess amount of moisture will result in the rise of mildew growth and harmful mold. This will cause excessive damage to your wall. So painting every two to three years will help in protecting against moisture damage.

Improves the quality of the air
Painting with good quality paint will improve the air quality of the surrounding areas. It will also enhance the healthy environment for you as well as your family.

Affordable remodeling
If you want to give your home a fresh and brand new look, then we would highly recommend you to paint your home. In simple words, it is called remodeling, This will not only make your exterior wall look bright but also gives a fresh look.

Prevents from dust and dirt
We all know the benefits of painting. If you genuinely want to keep your interior of the wall free from dirt and dust, then painting will come to the rescue.

Prevents peeling and staining
When the walls of your home get stained and start peeling, they look awful. Good quality paint will help prevent stains and peeling. Moreover, the painting will hide all sorts of stains and marks for removing.

Happiness and peace all around
A beautiful environment provides positive energy into your home. It also provides peace and happiness. A clean and reflected wall will let everyone know who you are.

So these are the perfect reasons for painting your home. If you are one who is in search of Bristol painting services, then feel free to contact us. We guarantee to offer you the best services.


Caring for Your House with Painters and Decorators Bristol

Your home is an important part of your day to day life, and it is that place where you spend most of your life. This is why caring for the health of your home is important, and so is taking good care of its beauty. In a city such as Bristol, where houses are exposed to the usual weather conditions, it is important that you hire the best possible local painters and decorators to care for your home.
The best Bristol painters that you could think of hiring are Painters and Decorators Bristol. A family run company, their claim of doing the best painting and decorating in Bristol is not without substance. They have been in the business for more than 20 years, and their work speaks for themselves. Their focus has always been on providing the best possible services to their clients, and across Bristol, you will find a lot of happy house owners who took the benefit of their services at least once.
These express painters and decorators in Bristol specialize in doing jobs which involve intricate and detailed interiors and exteriors of their house, which not only protect it from damage but also showcase its beauty. We believe that just like us humans, our houses also need transformations from time to time so that they keep up in their best shape, and for doing that, we were possibly the best painters and decorators in the Bristol area who will not only do their job professionally but with a touch of love and eye for detail. We take our objective to be such that we do not just satisfy the expectations of our customer, but also exceed them.

With this belief, we have marched forward for more than two decades and will continue to do so to become the best professional decorators in Bristol. In terms of painting the houses, we try to be as flexible as possible. Our comprehensive consultation services regarding the paint job which is to be done on the house are quite conclusive in terms of the needs of the house. All our painters and project managers are professionally trained so that they can be the best at what they do, both in work and in customer care.
When it comes to choosing colors and designs for your house, our Bristol painting services take utmost care that the wants of the customers be respected fully and that they get the best of consultations from our side…

We also take into consideration the weather and climatic conditions plus the type of house which our customer has, as these things can affect the look of the paint, and your desired look may get affected by it. With utmost discipline and a passion for our work, we go on and on.

We provide both Bristol decorating services and painting services at very reasonable rates. Also, as a wallpapering Bristol firm, we are excellent at what we do. Our 20 years of handheld experience comes in handy when doing our job, be it a commercial or a residential one. Also, our personalized touch to each and every project, however big or small it is gives us an edge over all our competitors. For all such services relating to decorating and painting houses in Bristol, we are the best option available. Call us First.

5 Types of Decor used in Domestic Decoration

5 Types of Decor used in Domestic Decoration

A well designed home is a well lived space. It doesn’t only lighten up the living space but also provides its owner a comforting solace after a long day at work. Let us look at some of the creative and vibrant domestic decoration ideas or types that help to make a house a home. These ideas can also be used in commercial spaces, offices, etc.

Scandi Style Décor

Scandi or the Scandinavian style of decor focuses mainly on simplicity and minimalism with a specific emphasis on the use of natural materials such as wood, hemp, etc. The use of natural materials provides a warm and comforting texture. Very often grey oil is used to take away the yellowish tinge from wooden products made of oak or pine tree. A balcony or terrace is the crucial feature of this kind of decor as this style believes in connecting the inside of a home with the outside beauty of nature.

Botanically Themed

Leafy wallpapers, insect-inspired fabrics, etc. characterize botanically themed homes. In this kind of decor rustic look is combined with a green scheme for giving a happy and relaxed feel to homes. Faux plants, artisan vases, etc. are used to create an impact. Botanically themed homes have shelves put up to showcase such decoratives.

Bright and Youthful Décor

Bold patterns and graphic accents are used to give the house a youthful and bright feel. Studio space is also allotted for storing the artwork, instruments etc.

Green Decor Themes

As the name suggests, this kind of decor enlightens the living space with the freshness of the color green. From green shades in curtains to green doors to real green plants, one can use them all to give their home a comforting green theme.

Red Accents on Grey Color

While the color grey imparts a neutral effect on the surroundings, the color red, in sharp contrast to the neutrality of color grey, provides a bold and bright hue to the living space. In this theme, a grey object is complemented with a red material to create an enthralling space. For example, complementing a grey wall mural with a red table or a sofa.

Painters and Decorators in Bristol are professional decorating service providers in the field of commercial and domestic decoration. The premium services offered by us are creative, dynamic, vibrant and customer friendly to the core. The express painters and decorators are thoroughly trained and experienced to offer top class services and products to its customers.

Perks Of Hiring A Professional Painting and Decorating Company

Painting as an art form is something which is thoroughly appreciated throughout the world by people from all walks of life. The job of a local painter and decorator is to make an impact among its customers so that they will provide a positive testimonial towards their work.

Why should you hire a professional Painting and Decorating Company?

We will be discussing some of the key benefits of hiring professional Bristol painting services to get your work done,


Using professional painting and decorating in Bristol serves as a time-saving option and many people find it difficult to find time to move stuff and make space for the same. Painting and Decorators Bristol as a professional painting company gives customers plenty of time and space to make the finished product worth remembering. Also, once the paint job is done you will get time to move your stuff back to its original position, setting your house right again`. Because Painting and Decorators Bristol are professionals they do know how to make your life easier.


Painting as a process is very tedious and you as a customer need to deal with an indigenous amount of stress once the work begins. If the work appears to be shoddy, then that increases your stress levels to a tipping point. Hiring express painters & decorators in Bristol would ease your worries by up to 70% or more. As a job, it requires planning and preparation and Painters and Decorators Bristol aims to stop customer unnecessary worrying and help put them at ease.


As a customer you expect your house to look clean, your painting should consist of neat lines that would represent the quality of work. Painters and Decorators Bristol always takes care of the fact that there are no smudges and other external factors involved when they are working. Armed with a team of express painters and decorators in Bristol, the company focuses on providing excellent quality of work and unmatched quality when it comes to the final result. They know where they need to tape the edges, what kind of brushes or rollers need to be utilized based on the wall structures that you have.


The style statement is the new trend in the painting industry. Every customer now needs a specific design style which reflects his/her home. It determines the theme of their house and they want to link it forever in their memories. Painting and Decorators Bristol will provide you with themes best suitable as per your requirements. Professional painting companies know best about which colors to choose, what would go best and offer your opinions with respect to the intricacy of the design that best goes with your house.


Painting and Decorators Bristol also provides guaranteed security since there are a lot of things that could go wrong when it comes to decorating. A professional painting company would know the measures that need to be initiated and these are accordingly conveyed to their customers. This makes them aware of things that they need to do, what they don’t need to do, so on and so forth which is beneficial for them until their work is completed.

Some Interior Designing Tricks That You Need To Know Painter decorator bristol

Some Interior Designing Tricks That You Need To Know

Whether it is a small townhouse or a modern apartment, each and every home needs elegance as well as vibrancy. The décor of homes is generally inspired by the rich heritage. But as time has gone by we have learned to mix contemporary style with traditional decor. This is where your local painter and decorator can help, skillfully coming up with amazing, innovative as well as inspiring ideas with an aim of transforming your house into a home. In this article, we are going to share with you some amazing designing tricks that will transform your home.

Painting tricks to make a small room look larger

If your room is small in size, then you can make your room feel larger by adding large windows, beautiful mirrors and the use of light colors. This trick will not only help in reflecting the daylight onto the mirrors but also instantly create an illusion of making your small room seem larger by Illuminating the area.

You can brighten up your room by lighting, however, you need to choose to light carefully as per the size, element, and shape of your room. Also, you have to consider various other additional factors such as which area to focus on or hide. Lighting plays a key role in an interior décor.

Abstract Painting

Adding colorful abstract painting on the walls will often remind everyone of the beautiful memories or festive party moods. This instant splash of beautiful and eye-catchy color will re-energize as well as brighten up your room. Isn’t it amazing? how a color can easily transform your space. We at Painters and Decorators Bristol will help you in choosing the perfect colors based on the size and patterns of your room

Intricate Designs

Elaborate motif, artistic marvel and a simple splash of color on the wall will instantly grab the attention of everyone. Perhaps the most simple as well as an inexpensive way of transforming your boring room is to go for wallpapering. We also offer expert wallpapering services in Bristol.

The mix of textures and patterns.

This is something very artistic. One cannot play with lots of colors in a small room. But one can definitely mix ‘n’ match with various textures and patterns. We come up with artistic ideas that will help you in adding drama to the textures by combining unique styling and colouring.

Go Green Wallpapering

Nature lovers can add elements of nature to give a natural feel. You can go for the floral printed wallpaper for making your room look like a colourful spring garden. We have amazing wallpapering designs that can enhance any room design.

So these are some of the creative interior designing tricks that you can apply whilst decorating your room. Which trick inspired you the most? Do let us know in the comments section below. You can check out our services for Painters and Decorators in Bristol. For ideas and inspiration feel free to mail us at or call us at 07971425673.

Let us Bring the 7 Colours of the Rainbow into Your Home

Let us Bring the 7 Colours of the Rainbow into Your Home

VIBGYOR, these are the seven colors of the rainbow. Colors bring life into your home and make it a vibrant haven just as if you are living in the clouds. Well, this feeling is possible when you use professional painters who can transform your house and make it into a home. For this service, we think that Painters and Decorator Bristol are your best choice.

A good painter is the one who can make all this possible and with a Local Painter and Decorator in Bristol, we have the most skilled and talented painters who can paint your house exactly as you would like it. Painters and Decorators Bristol use the best quality paints and their painters are experienced in all types of painting. If you want a retro style, or a traditional look or even a modern contemporary look don’t worry, just tell them what you want and wait for the magic to happen. The wands of our painters will turn your dream house into a reality.


In Bristol, we are revered as one of the best Local Painter and Decorator firms because along with providing the best painting jobs to your house our painters are also proficient in skirting and coving fittings, carpentry works, and other joinery repairs. This extensive portfolio makes us the most sought-after painting company in Bristol.

We Understand

We understand the needs of every customer, be it residential or commercial. Our Local Painter and Decorator will guide you thoroughly with the methods and techniques of painting and also the products used by us, which are of the best quality. We are also very proud of our reputation for leaving your home clean and tidy, something we always make sure to do.

There is a rising trend for decorating walls with wallpaper now instead of painting, we also have this covered (excuse the pun) as we have a separate skilled team for wallpapering in Bristol who can also suggest the most exquisite wallpaper designs for your office or homes. Wallpapers not only make your walls look vibrant but they can also hide any imperfections in the wall. We will give you advice and guidance on the type of wallpaper recommended according to the wall condition.

Don’t worry our consultation service and quotations are completely free of cost, moreover, we think that you will find our quotations very affordable and very competitive.

Our tagline goes like this “No Job Too Big or Small” That’s a Promise. This summarizes the values of Painters and Decorators Bristol, and that’s what our existing customers like about us the most.

Feel free to get a FREE quote anytime by calling on 0117 904 6716.

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