Decorating ideas for a Small house

Decorating ideas for a Small house

Decorating small houses is a challenging task. You can try to fit everything in, and it makes it even tougher. But, this is how you can make the most out of it. It is a way to show your creativity and make your small space look bigger and better. Whether you live in an apartment or a studio, you can make it more spacious by adding designer decor and some trendy colors.

Redesigning a place is a fun task to do, but sometimes it’s better to take advice from professionals. You can always consult professional painters bristol to give you the best advice for home decor. Now, here are some easy and quick tips to give your small space a new and fresh look.

Make space for your walks

It’s good if you like to buy trendy things to fit into your room, but it still needs some space to walk. Try to make all your essentials place in the right way so that your room has some walking and breathing space. You can go for floating pieces like shelves, nightstands that will leave some space beneath if needed. You can also upgrade your floor lamps with wall lightings and choose sconces.

Switch to folding furniture

We always like to design our rooms according to our minds. We love to buy good-looking tables, chairs, and other designer stuff for it. But do you need these tables and chairs the whole day?
Instead of using big tables and desks, you can opt for folding furniture as well. These type of easy to go furniture looks very trendy and make your place more spacious. Also, it will help you to avoid the clutter that is collected on such tables. You can also go for folding doors to separate your kitchen and living room if they are joint.

Lighting is also vital

It is seen many times that small rooms are often painted with dark hues that totally overshadows their existence. Also, because of the lack of space, the windows in such spaces feel non-existence. Therefore, try to add enough light from your living room to the kitchen and bedroom. You can also add some striking combination fixtures like a pretty pendant or elegant flush mount, depending on your ceiling height. Try to make it more cozy and bright by adding a few table lamps and sconces.

Be bold with colors

Having a small space doesn’t mean that it can only be white or black. You can go bold with your choices in colors. Darker shades with proper lighting will make your room shine like a jewel. It will make it more breathing and sparky. You can always rely on hues of blue and green to make your space look spacious and beautiful. Whereas, some loud colors like purple and coffee will give more overwhelming vibes.

Decorative painting techniques for your wall

Decorative painting techniques for your wall

Designing our homes is the most fun activity you will do. Rejunevating the dead colors from new, changing all outdated decor with some fresh trend gives it a whole new look. Now some of you will feel that adding more stuff to our home will make them look messy. But there are many ways in which you can completely transform your space without adding any clutter or extra things.

Painters and decorators bristol always have something new for you, and the streak is going to be maintained this time as well. Here are some of the famous paint techniques you can use to paint your home walls and give your space an entire fresh look. Let’s have a look!


If you are a fan of DIY’s, it is the one for you. It adds some more intrigue and provides sophistication to your space. Also, you don’t need any professional help to do stenciling you can do it yourself. You only need to choose the right stencil that suits your surrounding the best. You can choose different designs for different rooms. Similarly, you can stick to one theme that will shine all over your home. Even if you get stuck anywhere, take some inspiration from the internet.


It is also one of the top trending paint technique these days. It not only gives your place a classic look but also adds some movement to it. It is very straight forward and works well in the kitchen, master bedroom, and in the nursery. To make it more subtle, you can choose soft colors, or if you want some bold hues, choose higher contrast of them.


Think of your hosted party, and everybody’s talking about how attractive your wall looks. If you want to make your wall the show-stopper in every home party, then metallics is something you should try. There are many ways in which you can use metallic hues. You can paint your entire home with metallic shades or can choose one wall to make it the accent wall. It looks stylish and classy in both cases. Also, you can hire some professionals like local painter and decorator to give it a more precise look.


The never-ending trend for stipes. This one paint style will never go out of fashion and gives a timeless look to your space. You can easily incorporate stripes in any segment of your decor, as it looks best with any of it. It is also a great way of achieving some cool visual flairs. Some bold and horizontal stripes will make your room look longer. Also, you can choose some thin or subtle ones as well.

Polka dots

Out of the budget of hiring a professional painter? Then try polka dots for your home. You can also involve your children in helping you out with polka designs. It is one of the quickest ways to add some freshness to your outdated colored home. It looks very creative and playful in your kid’s room. Similarly, you can also use it on any wall you like. They are very effortless to put and remove, so when you get bored with one, put some new in different colors.

How to paint and decorate a new office

How to paint and decorate a new office

We spend almost one-third time of our day at the office and at work, we all are supposed to be productive, creative, and social, of course. Therefore, the decor of your business plays a vital role in changing your mood and vibes.
So, here are a few ideas on how you can make your workplace or office a better place to work in.

Mood Enhancing Decor

The atmosphere around you plays a vital role in enhancing your mood. The lively and fresh colors, playful vibes, and some antique decor add more sparkle to it, but have you ever noticed the same effects around your office space helping you in increasing your productivity? Your office space can only be made more productive when it has a balance of both professional work and the comforts of home, says the painters and decorators bristol.
So, here are a few ideas on how you can make your workplace or office a better place to work in.

Give some visibility to your mission statement

Imagine putting your company’s vision at a wider space giving it more attention. It works as a motivation also to keep your employees motivated towards the organizational goals. Therefore, it’s a great way to add some fresh colors and decor that is also giving the main focus to your mission statement.

Go for your brand colors

An office is a space that should always give you great vibes. It should give you an atmosphere where you can work comfortably, and colors play a vital role in it. so, if you are confused between the various light and dark shades, you can incorporate your brand colors into your office space. It will make your place more consistent and clear about what you and your business are all about.

Add some trendy furniture

The days when office used to have those uncomfortable tables and chairs are long gone. Big firms now understand that the office space can also be designed as comfortable, like homes. Office culture is shifting its focus more towards making it trendy and relaxing for the employees. Adding a few swagged out couches, chairs, and tables will do the work well. Putting some animal printed, ottoman chairs to architectural chaise chairs at your office will give other companies some major office goals.

Add some artefacts and other things

Make your office space more trendy and out looking by adding some vibrant wall hangings. Every time you walk past them, you will feel a little spark and energy to do your work. Also, you can add rugs to outline many places in your office. If you have a small space, you can add rugs under the furniture. Similarly, if you own a bigger space with multiple sections, separate them with these rugs.
You can also paint one wall as your accent wall to overwhelm the environment. It can be more bright and then you can leave the other space as light and neutral.

Tips to Choose Perfect Primer Paint for Paint Durability

Tips to Choose Perfect Primer Paint for Paint Durability


The perfect way to make your dull walls look shiny. A coat of some bright and fresh colors that make your home look alive. But before striking your walls with these colors, do you know the vital step to do? A coat of fresh primer paint. Yes, it is one of the significant steps for both your exterior and interior painting procedures. Primer paint is usually coated on the walls before the intended color. It helps the final paint look more smooth and improves its quality.
Now, why do you need a primer base? Ever heard about a make-up primer? It helps the final make-up look last longer and also keeps it fresh. Similarly, a paint primer helps the final coating look flawless and also maintains its longevity. You can use it as the foundation for different surfaces like wood, metal, walls, etc. There are many options available for the primer base, but choosing one can be challenging. So painters and decorators bristol have some pro tips for you to solve your dilemma. Follow these simple tips and decide on your choice of primer paint:

Choose the surfaces or walls first

The very first step to making your primer work well is to decide where do you want to use it? As stated before, a primer can be used on various surfaces like wood, metal, walls, etc. But the texture of every primer will be different from the other. The base you will use on the walls will not work on the wooden surface. Also, the location of the surface matters. For instance, your bathroom walls require some waterproofing, but your living area doesn’t. So before making any purchase decision, consider these things first.

Specify your goals

Among the various varieties of primer, how would you know the best for you? There are latex-based primers, oil-based, and shellac primers for different purposes. And they all have their benefits and ways to use. You should be clear about the end goals you want to see on your walls and other items. An oil-based primer will make your room look glossy whereas a shellac primer is ideal for sealings. Oil-based and latex-primers can be used for both interior and exterior purposes, but shellac primers can only put outside. You can read more properties of these primers and can go for the best option. Also, you can seek help from professionals like local painter and decorator.

Choose colors wisely

What harm can a primer paint do? But yes, it is one of the essential factors to consider. The color of your base should match with the shades you are planning to put on it. Eventually, if you are planning to color your walls with light shades like lavender, yellow, pink, and others you should consider your base primer as white. If you want some dark shades like blue, terracotta, and soft black, you can go with dark color primers.

Seek professional help

Even if you feel you can do all the things solely, seeking help from professionals is always the best. You can contact professional painters bristol anytime and can rest everything assured with them.

Tips to Design your drawing room perfectly

Tips to Design your living room perfectly

Decorating Your Home

Living room- It is the most lively room in your entire home. It is the space where you can sit with your family and enjoy good times together. Your living room tells many stories about you and your personality. The right combination of colors and decorative items you have put there to make it look good says a lot more about you. According to painters and decorators bristol, your living room is the room which welcomes your guests and makes a direct impact on their minds. also, this is the room where you can relax and chill. So you need to design and frame your living room accordingly.
Designing an empty living room is more challenging as well as tiring as you need to start from scratch. Also, many people like to keep their homes designed according to all the latest trends. Here are some ideas that can help you to make your living room look perfect.

Always plan first

Many people get so energetic about buying stuff for their living room without planning it out which ends up being a disaster. They purchase things like pillows, rugs, curtains, and many others to make their room more beautiful, but sometimes these things don’t match with the room theme. You may have chosen the wrong colors to pair these accessories with your space, or they are not complimenting it.
Every creation needs a vision and a plan. Since your living room hosts many events like movie nights, says bristol painting services, designing it does require proper planning. Keeping your lifestyle in mind adds items that match you the best.

Furniture alignments are important

One thing that is never going to change is love for T.V. Whatever is the size of the living room, it all revolves around fitting one thing that is the Home Cinema. but apart from enjoying your favorite movies and football matches, there are many other things to take care of.
If you have a spacious living room, try making it more purposeful. Along with a T.V., make a good investment on a couch or sofa as well. You can make it more creative and personalized by adding an armchair to fulfill your reading purposes. It will look good near the table lamp or your old window, wherever you feel comfortable. You can make it more purposeful by adding a console table and making a little dedicated office space in a corner. And don’t forget to leave some space for your kids to play as well.

Lighting plays an important role

Lighting does play a vital part in designing your room. If you can make some space in your room for natural light, it would be best. Or else, you can choose lamps and brightness that not only match your aesthetics but also compliment your room. Also, they are going to stay in your collection forever. And do remember to keep high and low gleams together to keep the vibes fresh.

Colors are everywhere!

After creating the aesthetic of your space, you next need to understand the color patterns. Choose lighter shades and hues to make your small living room look big and spacious. Whereas, if you are blessed with a big living room, don’t hesitate to try all your creativity with bold colors. You can go for darker palletes and experiment with new patterns.
Bright shades mix with the sunlight well and make your room brighter than ever. There are some families where all the people are working, or they stay out and only have free time on evenings and weekdays. You can use darker shades to make it feel more cozy and comfortable.

Different textures are in trend

Furniture, paints, tables, and chairs are so essential to keep in a living room, but textures? Imagine anything that should feel soft at the right time and hard at the right time. Think of your carpet. How do you feel when you place your feet on it? texture plays a significant part in designing your living room. Anything you opt for in your space should feel good in touch. You can choose different textures like wood, metal, wool, silk, and glass.

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