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This Week’s Top Stories About Home Decore

Home decor is a fancy word itself. It generates a different kind of creativity and energy in one’s mind. Also, it energizes you to decorate and design your home interiors uniquely and innovatively. But, it becomes difficult to choose the best decor for your home. It creates a mess sometimes when you try to stay in touch with new trends and something . different styles and colors also create confusion to choose between the options.

You can have a look at the various modern or traditional techniques to determine the decoration for your home. Or you can follow some of the best professional painters Bristol to stay in touch with all the new designs and styles of decor. They will keep you updated about all the upcoming and latest trends in home decor.
So let’s have a look at this article and find out some of the best stories in home decor trends for this week:

Colors are everywhere!

Many Painters and Decorators Bristol believe that 2019 is the year of bold color. It gives a more luminous feel to your rooms. They help in making your space more muted and also improve your furnishes to pop out like a new. You can try Shades like dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows, and lush greens to make it look more pop.

Natural Furnishes

Being bored with those tech decors, people are now more obsessed with fresh and natural material. Wood furnishes the best way to keep intact with nature. Graphite, Stone, and copper are some other examples of natural and organic materials. Tables made with petrified wood, use of branches in woving pendants, coconut shell beads to cover the stools and chairs, bringing us more close to nature. And it is one of the top trends for this year.

Pink is everywhere!

Often said to be a dull color, Pink has come with a big surprise. It is seeking attention due to its delightfully modern feel. You can see Millenial pink cropped up all over the market from curtains to carpets to upholstery. It often gives a relaxing and soothing environment and cast a flattering glow. Therefore, be ready to incorporate it in the list in a creative way.

Give it a Velvetish touch

The old fashioned and stuffed looking velvet is coming up again. It is now counted among the most luxurious and comfortable fabric. It is among the best interior decor trends for 2019. This multi-dimensional fabric has already gained a lot of attention and in the leading board for most sought-after interior design trends.

Floral designs

Florals have been always there in people’s minds whenever it comes to give a fresh look to your home. These are now available in a more modern and refreshing way. Playful scales with contrasting colors make it look more refreshed and timeless.

Matte Finishes

From cars to lipsticks, matte finishes have rocked everywhere. Unlike the shiny glosses or high-shine finishes, matte gives a more relaxing and alluring look to any decor. It is one of the most favorite trends for this year in home decor. It provides a classy look to your furnishes and makes them remain cool forever.

How to Estimate the Cost of Home Decore

Your home decor and design tell so many things about you. Your choices in colors and models are a way to express yourself. There are hundreds of options in traditional, modern, classic, retro, and contemporary to select among furniture, designs, paint, linen, and decoration. And it also comes in a variety of range and different costs.
Cost estimation in home decor depends on textiles, furniture, paint, and accessories, and other professional services and consultation. And it is one of the essential decisions to take. But don’t worry, professional painters Bristol have all the answers for you.


Textiles are generally a material consisting of several artificial or natural fibers. These are used in home furnishing and comes in different price ranges. Bed Sheets, cushion covers, wall hangings, rugs, and carpets, tablecloths, kitchen linen, and bathroom accessories come under interior decor textiles. Also, you can find a variety of materials and styles in which textiles are used. You can choose the one that fits best for your budget and range.


Paint helps to transform your space into a beautiful place. You can use solid colors or matte finishes on your walls. Also, there are hundreds of textures available that helps in creating intricate faux effects. You can make it look like a marble, a wood effect, a mosaic, or many others. Painting sounds easy, but it is one of the most difficult and challenging works to do.
Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose among the thousands of colors and styles that suit your space the best. Or you would need professionals like painters and decorators Bristol to guide you for color selection. Every color and texture comes with its own cost. So you need to do thorough research before choosing for any.


A change in the size, color, and style of furniture can affect your space very much. It helps in enhancing the look of your decor.
If you like to have significant differences in furniture, it costs you more. But if you cannot make substantial changes, then you can customize your older furniture as well. You can also look for the material that suits your budget.

Accessories and art crafts

There’s no fixed number of attachments or art crafts that you can add to your space. You can add vintage lights to your living room to make it more lively. Or you can put some flowers and original accessories to keep in touch with nature. Many art crafts are available in the market to use in the kitchen or living rooms. But also keep in mind that these accessories and artifacts come in various ranges. You can search the web and can look for the prices before making the final decision.

Hiring a professional

If you ever get confused in choosing the decor for your home, you can always hire Bristol Painters. You can consult them for furnishing your home the way you want it. They will understand your needs and will help you in choosing the best style for your space. Also, you can have a consultation from them regarding your budget and cost.

Choose Colors For Different Rooms

How To Choose Colors For Different Rooms

Choosing colors for your entire home is much challenging work. A right combination can make you feel better, while others can make you uneasy. Colors also play a vital role in balancing our mood psychology. If your bedroom is not giving the calm vibes or your living room seems too dead to you, then you need to do something about it. Sometimes one can get confused about choosing colors for his personal space.

So you can think about how difficult it would be when it comes to your entire house. But where to begin? And how to choose?

Professional painters Bristol here presents the best tips to choose the right colors for every room of your home.

Here are the main tips for choosing colors for your entire home:


A bedroom is everybody’s relaxing space. After an exhaustive day, it is your savior. A combination of colors like blue and green help make it more relaxing and calming. Similarly, a shade of blue with grey makes it more refreshing and relaxing. If you have a working desk in your room, you can use some bright shades of blue like Lapis Blue to spread more energy in the space.

Living Room:

The living room is a standard room for your entire family. You can sit talk with others, or can enjoy the world cup with the family. The environment of a living room is lively, and therefore, it demands a neutral coat in background. A layer of beige and grey can do the work. To enhance the shade, you can also use art, photos, and other bright accessories. It makes it more overwhelming.

Softer colors in your bathroom can make it just as restful as a spa. Soft shades of blue-greens, like aquifer and spray green, works well. You can also give it a flattering look by adding shades of rosy hues, like rose quartz.

The kitchen is one of the most visited places by the whole family. So if it’s not giving you welcoming vibes, then something is wrong. Some sunny colors like yellow or orange can help you get those vibes. You can create welcoming warmth using these su8nny colors and can add more light to your kitchen. A layer of golden-yellow can also be added to give it a more good vibe.

It is the opening line of your home. Make it more exciting and active with some vibrant colors such as Raspberry wine, Wood violet, and Teal. Some ideal choices not too bright but will give your entranceway a dazzling look. It provides a more inviting vibe to your guests and makes them feel happy and refresh.

And this is how colors play an essential part in our life. Vibrant and sunny pallets give you more welcoming and exciting vibes. Whereas on the Hope this will solve your problem with choosing colors.Or you can consult Painters and Decorators Bristol for more tips and tricks in choosing the right colors for your space.

Tiles For Your Home

How To Choose Tiles For Your Home

We generally use tiles for flooring in our kitchens, bathroom, rooftops, and also as tabletops for the dining room. There are many options available in terms of tile textures, colors, design, material, and so on.

But which one would suit best in our space? To assist you in such a confusing situation, painter and decorator Bristol brings you some tips on how you can choose tiles for your area.

Here are the tips for selecting the best tiles for you:

Decide the type

An essential step to choose tiles for your space is to decide what do you need? You must be aware of the various options available in the market. For flooring purposes, you can choose Vitrified tiles as they are more durable and able to withstand foot traffic. Ceramic or porcelain tiles with the non-porous feature look good on walls.  Whereas, anti-skid or matte finish works well with the outdoors. Once you have decided te type, you need, you’ve made half of the work easier.

Need to look for size

Tiles are available in a wide range of sizes. The ideal dimensions for a floor tile include 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 610x610mm and 800x800mm. Similarly, if you will search the size for wall tiles, they have dimensions of 250x350mm, 300x450mm, and 300600mm. Professional decorators Bristol says one should match the tiles to his room size. If you are choosing large size tiles for the floor of your small room, they will make it look even smaller. For such rooms, a medium-size like 250x350mm will work well. Or you can also choose a size that saves you a lot of cutting and wastage.

Ensure slip resistance

Several tiles tend to be slippery, especially when in contact with water. It can be very dangerous for small children or elders in your home. Therefore, you must install slip-resistant tiles. The bathroom is the prime place where such mishappenings can happen. Better use to install ceramic or porcelain tile after inquiring about the slipping resistance. Slate tile or pebble stones with beautiful stone texture can also be used here.

Choose the right color

A small room with no or dim natural light can be made look more beautiful with light color tiles. White, sand, cream colors make a good match with marble or ceramic tiles.

Choosing large tiles for walls can also help in enhancing the illusion of extended space. You can do some exciting experiments by using dark colors for outdoor.

Choose the right finish.

Not only deciding the right type or color will be enough. You need to select the correct finish, as well. Glossy finish works well with the walls, whereas stone finishes give a lively look to exteriors. Wood finishes are recommended for bedrooms for their warm feel. Metallic and mosaics make the bathroom, and kitchen walls look beautiful with plain tiles.

Natural finishes always work well with living rooms.

So this is how the right tiles make your space look more beautiful and lively.  A proper combination of colors and textures makes it more attractive. Hence choose your favorite blend with care.


5 Techniques Used In Commercial Decoration

A neat, organized and well-furnished decor creates an inviting space for the most fruitful of ventures. Such spaces help in providing not just a presentable environment for official meetings but also create a relaxing ambiance to homes. Let us look at some of the products used for commercial decoration. The same is also used for domestic decoration purposes. 

Vinyl Hanging

Vinyl hanging, made up of heavyweight vinyl, is used usually for outdoor advertising purposes. The heavyweight vinyl also known as polyvinyl chloride has a weight ranging from as light as nine ounces to as heavy as twenty-two ounces. Pole pockets, reinforced corners, wind flaps, reinforced hems, etc. are some of the finishing options used in vinyl printing. The different types of hanging used in vinyl printing are zip ties, bungee cords, skyhooks, adjustable stand, suction cups, etc.

Steel Preparation

Preparing steel for purposes such as painting and decoration requires a cleaning process so that impurities such as dust, rust, etc. do not give a bad touch to the finished product. For this purpose, steel fabricators are used to preparing steel for decoration. The fabrication process can be either simple chemical cleaning or abrasion methods such as grinding, abrasive blasting, etc.

Brick Sealing

Brick sealing is a technique used to solve the problem of leaking. Poor quality brickwork leads to leakage in the bricks as this substandard quality of work creates within the brick a large water entry path. Sealers not only help retain the freshness of the structure but also prevent water from entering the masonry. The constant barrage of rain, wind, etc. can easily damage the building material and a brick sealer, once absorbed in the pores of the masonry material, effectively seals the damage.

Standard Emulsion

The Standard emulsion is used in walls and ceilings to provide a shiny non-greasy texture to the building structure. Emulsions dry quickly and are easy to apply. Standard emulsion offers three kinds of finishes such as vinyl matt, vinyl eggshell, vinyl soft sheen, and vinyl silk. This technique is highly effective in humid areas.  

Floor Painting

Floor paints are used to protect, seal and color concrete and wooden floors. Before floor painting, surface preparation is also done to create better effects. Some of the surface preparation techniques are removing old paint, using the wood primer to prime floorboards, cleaning the surface of old dust, grease, etc.

Local Painters and Decorators Bristol are professional service providers in the field of commercial and domestic decoration. The premium services offered by Bristol Decorating Services are creative, dynamic, vibrant and customer friendly to the core. The express painters and decorators are thoroughly trained and experienced to offer top-class services and products to its customers. A well-pleased and contented customer is our top priority always.

Myths About Home Decor

Myths About Home Decor

Home Décor, one of the most modern concepts of today’s age. Painters and Decorators Bristol lists out on some of the common myths about home décor that might prove instructional for many people. There is a rising perception that it is advantageous, in a way it could be and it might not. The following section would help uncover some of these facts as said by Bristol painting services.

Common Myths on Home Décor

Let us take a look at some of the common myths about home décor as seen by professional decorators Bristol,

Home Décor is Expensive:

Yes, you heard this right, but it is not so. Some of the local painters and decorators are of the opinion that the client expectations need to be realistic at best. If they are, there would essentially be no problems in getting the décor of your dreams. You can choose the products online, and make your house look perfect. You can even find some vintage stuff to go with your home too.

Small rooms must have pale colors:

Another perception by many that home décor should contain pale colors for small rooms. This actually makes your room look larger than normal. The myth is quite obnoxious, pale and colors have got nothing to do with making your room look big. If you have a small living space that gives you a warm vibe, you can start experimenting on it. In essence, it makes the room more inviting than usual.

Do not mix prints and patterns:

Some of the Bristol painters have across this quote from many of their clients. And it essentially remains a talking point for many of the potential clients. Mixing out patterns and prints can make a great combination if you are working with color combinations. You can add some floral prints, checks, plaids, along with all the colors seamlessly with zero problems.

Find one focal point and stick to it:

This is a one-dimensional thought that is seen, observed and experimented by many and followed by all. Every living space has four walls, so it’s a bit weird as to why there needs to be only one focal point. Would your window be any less important than your customized fireplace? What would happen to the masterpiece painting that you have just bought, would it lose its sheen? These are mere thoughts, until you finally experiment, and see for yourself how it really looks like.

Adopting to one style:-

A pretty boring thing to follow, if Bristol Decorating services are to be believed. Going with the flow, and experimenting on the style is the need of the hour, and you should go with it. You can look out for some extravagant styles, collect some artifacts and dive deep with improving your style statement.


We hope that the myths mentioned above would shed some light on how weirdly unpopular they sound. Experimenting with the looks, and your décor would help you get a first-hand experience on how things might look. It is therefore essential that you know about these myths to understand how things can be worked around it.

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