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Myths About Home Decor

Myths About Home Decor

Home Décor, one of the most modern concepts of today’s age. Painters and Decorators Bristol lists out on some of the common myths about home décor that might prove instructional for many people. There is a rising perception that it is advantageous, in a way it could be and it might not. The following section would help uncover some of these facts as said by Bristol painting services.

Common Myths on Home Décor

Let us take a look at some of the common myths about home décor as seen by professional decorators Bristol,

Home Décor is Expensive:

Yes, you heard this right, but it is not so. Some of the local painters and decorators are of the opinion that the client expectations need to be realistic at best. If they are, there would essentially be no problems in getting the décor of your dreams. You can choose the products online, and make your house look perfect. You can even find some vintage stuff to go with your home too.

Small rooms must have pale colors:

Another perception by many that home décor should contain pale colors for small rooms. This actually makes your room look larger than normal. The myth is quite obnoxious, pale and colors have got nothing to do with making your room look big. If you have a small living space that gives you a warm vibe, you can start experimenting on it. In essence, it makes the room more inviting than usual.

Do not mix prints and patterns:

Some of the Bristol painters have across this quote from many of their clients. And it essentially remains a talking point for many of the potential clients. Mixing out patterns and prints can make a great combination if you are working with color combinations. You can add some floral prints, checks, plaids, along with all the colors seamlessly with zero problems.

Find one focal point and stick to it:

This is a one-dimensional thought that is seen, observed and experimented by many and followed by all. Every living space has four walls, so it’s a bit weird as to why there needs to be only one focal point. Would your window be any less important than your customized fireplace? What would happen to the masterpiece painting that you have just bought, would it lose its sheen? These are mere thoughts, until you finally experiment, and see for yourself how it really looks like.

Adopting to one style:-

A pretty boring thing to follow, if Bristol Decorating services are to be believed. Going with the flow, and experimenting on the style is the need of the hour, and you should go with it. You can look out for some extravagant styles, collect some artifacts and dive deep with improving your style statement.


We hope that the myths mentioned above would shed some light on how weirdly unpopular they sound. Experimenting with the looks, and your décor would help you get a first-hand experience on how things might look. It is therefore essential that you know about these myths to understand how things can be worked around it.

It's important to choose the Right Colors for your Home

It’s important to choose the Right Colors for your Home

A home is one such living space that offers to its inhabitant the benefit of comfortable living. From choosing the right kind of décor to selecting the correct paint for the walls, the delicate intricacies of constructing a house require careful planning. Be it renovating the house or constructing a new one, it is important that the colors for painting the walls be selected with correct planning and thought. Let us explore some of the factors that need to be kept in mind when selecting a colour for the walls of your home:


A house becomes a home when one invests her or his emotions and the right kind of colour mix to get that perfect feel. For instance, the study room has to have a bright colour on the walls to complement the bright light from the room’s windows thereby giving the room a more positive feel for better focus and concentration. Spaces like the living room can have bold colours on its walls for the more vibrant feel for socialization and such activities. Calming colors are suggested for bathrooms.

Energetic Vibes

Use of colours like orange and yellow give a space more energetic and welcoming vibe. Therefore such colours are preferred for kitchen spaces. Dark orange and olive green are the other shades suggested for dining spaces to avoid making the space stuffy or uninviting.

Natural Light Sources

Natural light sources alter the look and feel of a room. For instance, a room with a window that has a source of bright sunlight would further brighten the room every time there is bright sunshine inside the room. In this case, a warm colour like yellow would work well. During night time, the same colour would appear different as it is only due to rich sunlight that the exact shade of any paint is exposed. Therefore the right kind of lighting also has to be used. For instance, incandescent bulbs highlight yellow tone and fluorescent lighting would pull blue tones from colors.

The task of selecting the right paint for your home is a difficult task. It is difficult because there has to be the right mix of colours for different rooms and the walls. Painters and Decorators Bristol with years of hard work and experience are experts in this field. Bristol Painters provide complete guidance and knowledge from selecting the right colour until the end. Bristol Painting Services has a team of well trained and highly skilled professionals to get the job done to absolute perfection.

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